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Phosphorous Acid 99%
Product: 99%
Common Name: Phosphorous Acid 99%
Classification: Phosphoate
CAS NO.: [10294-56-1]
Molecular formula:


Molecular weight: 81.99
Appearance: Pure white crystal
Quality standard :






Industrial use

 Agrochemical use


Pure white crystal


99.0% min

98.5% min

Iron (Fe)

0.0001% max

0.004% max

Chloride (Cl)

0.0005% max

0.003% max

Sulphate (SO4)

0.0001% max

0.015% max

Phosphate (PO4)

0.05% max

0.7% max

Storage: Keep away from fire and avoid direct sun shinning; Provide dry and well-Ventilated place. 

Transportation: Avoid exposure to rain and sunlight; Dangerous goods under transport Regulations.


This product is used in agrochemicals, PVC additives, water treatment, and engine oils as well as in a number of other applications.


Package: 25kg,500kg,1000kg/bag( Inside: PE, Outside: PP )


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