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Locates in the beautiful garden city of Hangzhou, near port Shanghai and Ningbo, Zhejiang Dayoo Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd (Dayoo) is a world-class company specialized in manufacturing and exporting High-Effective, Low-Toxic and Low-Residual agrochemicals and fine chemicals.


Established in 2002, Dayoo has continued to expand and diversify its product line to over thirty products, including pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators), silicone and chemical intermediates.Dayoo’s agrochemical products have been mainly used as crop-planting application worldwide including Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Ukraine, Vietnam and etc. Since 2006, Company’s exports has reached up to forty million US dollars year after year. Dayoo becomes a major force in China's agrochemical industry.

Dayoo’s company motto is “Service First”, which is carried across its entire organization from sales to production. We have established strong relationship and partnership with both local and global inspection authorities, such as Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute, SGS, etc. Comprehensive production innovation and quality assurance system have been implemented in Dayoo’s manufacturing process to ensure premium quality products.

To better serve our target market, Dayoo invested a lot of money and effort to assist our customer’s product registration. We have very good working relationship with HARLAN, BIOAGRI, ANADIAG and other top labs worldwide so we can prepare and complete the registration package to meet registration standard in any country with a timely manner, which can speed our customer’s entry into new markets.

Dayoo’s management team fosters and reinforces the following core values amongst our employees: professionalism, diligence, enthusiasm and honesty. We strive to provide the best service for our customers worldwide.

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