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The company has professional QC system and advanced instruments, the quality control all strictly based on both the international general and target market quality standard, We are always strengthening and optimizing our quality control to guarantee our customers’ benefits. Our two production bases have both been certificated with ISO9001-2000.

All our products are under strict quality control:

1. Any batches of raw materials can be approved to manufacturing only after the rigorous testing.

2. Any packaging design is precisely tailored and elaborated according to the customer's requirement. To assure the fine quality, strict check is always carried out by professionals before the products' leaving the factory and being loaded as well.

3. Any batches of products, with the sample sealed for file, can only be shipped under our strict surveillance with the quality certificate by Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute( Zhejiang CHEM-TECH Group Co.,Ltd) ,Zhejiang University , SGS or other third quality check party.



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