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Overall raise for Chinese Q2 pesticides exports

Overall raise for Chinese Q2 pesticides exports

According to custom statistic, China exported 142,000 tonnes of pesticides valued at $0.42 billion in the second quarter of 2010, reflecting 0.7% decline in volume and 5.5% value growth from the previous year (the same below), reports Agropages. Meanwhile, it imported 15,000tonnes of pesticides amount to $0.14 billion. The global recovery has raise the demand on pesticides, give expressions on different  characters on the statistics.

With a 33% increase, China exported 48,000 tonnes of insecticides worth of $150 million. Export destination including: Pakistan, Ghana, Turkey and Togo. The Yangtze Delta and Pearl River Delta are the major source of export goods.

The fungicides exported amount to 150,000 tonnes, valued at $62.795 million, increased by 21.7% and 28% respectively. The top 3 export destinations were Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The exports of herbicides and other agrochemicals reached to 78,000, valued at $200 million, decreased by 16.8% and 9.5%, with the top destination of Ghana and Vietnam.

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