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China declared the responsibility of the glyphosate consortium

The CCPIA held a symposium at a conference of the glyphosate consortium on June 25th in Hangzhou. Director-general of the Association Luo Haizhang announced the necessity and the functions of the consortium, reports Agropages.

As one of the largest glyphosate producer in the world, China is advantageous in capacity and technology, but poor in dominate rights. While the product become unprofitable substantially, extending its life-cycle and maintaining sustainable became crucial to the glyphosate industry in China. Thus the consortium will operate on following aspect: controlling the oversupply of capacity; avoiding the destructive competition among the industry; the discussions on the improvement of the manufacturing technology and environmental issues; struggling against the illegal and counterfeit products; maintaining the market order.

Zhejiang Wynca acts as the leader of the consortium. The remaining members of the consortium including:

- RED SUN GROUP/ Nanjing RedSun

- Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical

- Jiangsu Good-harvest weien agrochemical

- Jiangyin Chaochen Industry

- Taicang City Pesiticide Factory

- Zhejiang Jinfanda Bio-chemical

- JingMa Chemicals

- Zhejiang Biok K.P Chemical

- Zhejiang Linghua Chemicals Group

- CAC Group

- Shandong Qiaochang Chemical

- Shandong Vicome Lunan Pesticide

- Shangdong Binnong Technology

- Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry

- Anhui Jinbang Chemical Industry

- Anhui Guangxin Agrochemical Group

- Hubei sanonda

- Hubei Xianlong Chemical Stock

- Hubei Taisheng

- Fujian Sannong Group

- Hengyang Roymaster Bio-Pesticide

- Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemical 

- Rainbow Chemical

- Fuhua Tongda agro-chemical

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